S T U D E N T S . . . W O R K E R S
            ALL UNITED IN THE STRUGGLE! . . . 

 The censure motion has been rejected… One more time politicians have given the proof of their powerlessness. It’s therefore the working class, closely united with the students, that has to take responsibility for settling social problems.

 It could well be said to us that workers’ management or self-management are hollow catchphrases, the press happily declares that “Cohn-Bendit doesn’t know”; but we are convinced that the current situation demands a radical transformation of society.

 ALONG WITH THE STUDENTS the entire working class must create a united front and continue the protest… against the Police State and sclerosis of capitalist society.

 … for a new society which encourages the flourishing of the intellectual abilities of all young people without distinction…
 … A society that offers everyone a rational share in the production the distribution of consumer goods; having as a principle: TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS, FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS MEANS
 … A society that takes into account the requirements of the old, it’s past workers who today no longer have the minimum which is vital to reach the end their lives with dignity
 … Finally, a society that respects the dignity and the character of the individual, that could enable the raising of consciousness

 All of this doesn’t rule out, for the time being the struggle for the repeal of all unlawful laws: The rule of the SS – restrictions on union freedoms, violations of the right to strike…

 We must never cease to condemn all violations of the rights of workers, the omnipotence of corporations, the contradictions of capitalism and its powerlessness to meet the needs of the population.

 More than ever, we have to fight against easy solutions that involve pursuing dialogue with a State that doesn’t listen, and doesn’t hesitate to use violence and repression.

 The news reports give us motive, neither mini-strikes nor petitions to elected representatives have brought remedies to the people’s malaise. The C.N.T. Has been in solidarity with the students from the start.

 In direct action, in the unlimited general strike, in this popular desire, this passion to create a better society, more just and humane, WE REMAIN UNITED RIGHT TO THE END!

       Paris, 24 May 1968
      Confederated Committee of the C.N.T.