Deprived of the means of expression, through the lack of newspapers, I wish to inform the population of St. Etienne of what appears to me to be of general interest.

 Already, the Paris Protocol has demonstrated that any discussion is possible, and that the only thing which can stop them are ulterior political motives that have nothing to do with the interests of the working class.

 Indeed, if it is agreed that legitimate claims have been satisfied, especially for the more disadvantaged, it cannot be neither understood nor accepted that the freedom to work is challenged by minorities when a majority has decided to return to work. Rather it is the denial of democracy.

 To persist with a negative attitude is to jeopardise the benefits that have already been realised, through inevitable inflation.

 Men and women of St. Etienne, in three weeks you will have to decide. Whatever your choice, whatever your camp, your duty is to participate in civil action, so that our factories are running, our children are in school, so that life is resumed in order to face up to upcoming, heavy economic commitments and demonstrate to all our desire to progress and develop through work.

Civil Action Committees
1 Place Dorian
Saint Etienne

May 30, 1968