“Appeal of 18 June 1968

To all Frenchmen

France has lost a battle !
But France has not lost the war !

The union and political mandarins may have capitulated, giving way to panic, forgetting honour, delivering the people into bondage. Yet nothing is lost !

Nothing is lost, because our struggle is a permanent struggle. In the whole world, immense forces have not yet swung into operation. Some day these forces will crush the enemy. On that day, we will have won our dignity.

That is why all Frenchmen, wherever they may be, must unite in action, in risk and in hope.

The spirit is in mortal danger.
Let us all fight to save it.

Long live the Rage !
The Revolution

Dark blue offset-print

30 x 40cm

This has become one of my favourite posters from May 68. It is an incredibly clever détournement of De Gaulle’s wartime Appeal of the same date in 1940, with slight changes (underlined above) making it completely relevant to the revolutionary situation of 1968.

Here is the original:

Documented in:
Gasquet p. 19 ; Beaubourg #39 ; Beauty #B401 ; Mesa p109 ; Chartres #156 ; Peters #250; Camard #147a; Murs #158

Online Resources:
ENSBA #12885