This is the first of many detourned (altered) comic strips issued as tracts by the CMDO (a group mostly made up of members of the Situationist International and the Nanterre Énrages).

Comic Strip #1

1. All power to the Workers’ Councils! The Unions are only a tool for integration into capitalist society.
(Signature) The Striking Workers.

2. – Something has changed, Mr. President!
– Yes. The workers want to run their own affairs!

3. – The best thing we can do is to bugger off!

Comic Strip #2

1. (Caption) The “leftist” minister picks up the phone.
– Whore! Hijacker!

2. – I’ve been EXPOSED! The scheme won’t work any more!

3. (Caption) Meanwhile…
– I should never have married a minister! I’m off to a factory that’s on strike!