“Frey – Civic Action. Head of the informers. Assassin of Charonne. Boss of the strike-breakers”
(7 June – Atelier Populaire)

This poster refers to Roger Frey – a Gaullist politician reviled for his role in the violent crackdown on protests against the Algerian War in Paris. The most notorious being the massacre of Algerians in Paris on 17 October 1961 and the 1962 Charonne Metro killings.

Maroon/brown screen-print on newpaper

49 x 66 cm

Documented in:
Camard #121a; Les Affiches #136; Wlassikoff p92; Beauty #21; Gasquet p38; Mesa p80; Beaubourg #18; Murs #123; Chartres #109

Online Resources:
ENSBA #10595/#10686