On 10 June, our comrade Gilles TAUTIN, a 17 year old high-school student, died – murdered by the Gaullist police. He had gone to Flins, outpost of the the proletarian resistance, to put himself at the service of the legitimate struggle of the workers of Renault for the satisfaction of all their claims and for the freedom of their factory.

GILLES died in the service of the people, for the union of the youth with the workers’ movement. From this point on his name is inseparable from the popular revolution, the springtime of our people.

We will escort Gilles for the last time in militant discipline.

The cortege will assemble on Saturday at 3pm, in front of his parents home, 120 Bd Berthier (17th)

His comrades.


You have fallen for all who starve
All who are despised and oppressed
From your pity for your brothers
Wonderful martyrs and victims.

But the hour has sounded and the people victorious
Stretch out, breathe and prosper.
Farewell comrades, Farewell noble hearts;
Farewell most noble brothers.

The prize of your efforts, the sentence of death
Or else a life in chains,
The noise of your shackles is pregnant with
The plains of Siberia.