After De Gaulle’s Speech


With Workers on strike for their demands, with students and teachers in a struggle for a democratic University, with millions of the French people wanting a change of policy, de Gaulle responded with a veritable declaration of war.

 in his opposion to the workers, De Gaulle first takes on the Communist Party which has always defended the interests of the working class, inseparable from those of the nation.

 This attack against the Communist Party is designed to mask the wish of General de Gaulle to impose its own dictatorship. In reality, the working class and its organizations have shown remarkable composure; they have developed the fight for their claims and theit mass political struggle taking care to avoid any kind of provocation. This is true in both the factories, occupied by millions of strikers, and in the impressive street demonstrations organized by the C.G.T. and other unions, supported by the Communist Party.

 Scorning all workers, both blue- and white-collar, the head of State did not judge it worth saying a word about their claims.

 However, the first condition for settling the huge conflict caused by the harmful policies of a State at the service of corporations, is to uphold the legitimate demands of the workers. This is the unanimous demand of the unions. It is also that of the French Communist Party.

  De Gaulle announced his intention to call new elections. The French Communist Party has not been waiting for this speech to demand that the people be given their say as soon as possible.

 The Party will go to this compaign explaining its program of social progress and peace and it’s policy of the democratic unity of all forces. It now calls upon the millions of Frenchmen and Frenchwomen for their trust, to defeat the Gaullist government; and to establish a true democracy that serves the interests of workers.

 It calls on workers, to join strongly with the democratic forces, to develop their unity in the interests of the people and France.

The Political Bureau
of the French Communist Party
May 30, 1968.