Secretary General of  The Communist Party of France

 The events which are unfolding in both the University and in the Working Class express the profound dissatisfaction that has accumulated over ten years, directed against anti-social and reactionary policies and a state in the service of big capital.

 The Workers’ struggle experiences new developments every hour.

 The French Communist Party reaffirms its total solidarity with workers fighting for their claims, as it has asserted with the students’ struggle for a modern and democratic University.

 Both workers and unions demand increases in wages, the immediate revocation of the orders on Social Security, the guarantee of full employment, reduction of working time and the extension of trade union freedom.

 It is essential to meet the most pressing demands of the workers. 

 The current events constitute the condemnation of the Gaullist government and its policies.

 It is high time to bring this government to an end and to promote a genuine democracy which can open the way to socialism, and act in the interests of the people and the Nation.

 For the achievement of these objectives the French Communist Party considers it imperative to reach an accord on a socially progressive programme between parties of the left and trade unions, by majority agreement.

 We believe this program should provide for the application of far-reaching reforms to shield the state from the grip of capitalist monopolies, and for the implementation of a plan for economic and social development to progressively meet the demands of both blue- and white-collar workers. These reforms should aim to involve citizens in decisions affecting the economic, political and cultural life of the country.

 It is time to plan for the establishment of a popular government and a democratic union. For its part, the French Communist Party is willing to take on it’s full responsibilities.