(Translation – Fisera 45)


Police repression has been unleashed upon the students during the past few days: the students have responded courageously with force. The workers themselves have known this repression for a long time. Every day it is a struggle against increasingly difficult working conditions. To repress this struggle the bosses call upon the bourgeois state, their faithful servant; these are the methods of fascist repression used by the CRS at Redon, at Caen, at La Rhodia in Lyon, etc. Redon, Caen, La Rhodia are serious blows struck at big capital and the Gaullist régime by the workers and the poor peasants. The workers know that it is their blows which are always the most forceful, always the most determined, which will bring down the regime that is oppressing the people.

The students have also dealt blows against this repressive regime. But the socialist “politicians”, the new left-wing careerists, are taking full advantage of the confusions and inconsistencies of what is a petty-bourgeois movement. They are doing all they can to corrupt the student struggle, to enlist it under their banner: they wish to use the student movement to snatch the reins of the struggle from the proletariat. How? By calling on the workers to support the petty-bourgeois demands of Daddy’s boys in the university. But the contrary is true. The progressive students ought to put themselves at the service of the workers and peoples struggle against unemployment and poverty, for freedom. The opportunist leaders of the PCF and the CGT first of all attacked the students fight in an un-worthy manner. Then, faced with the development of the situation, they changed their tack and asked for support for the social-democratic manoeuvres, for complete support of the strike on the basis of petty-bourgeois slogans, the manoeuvres and capitulation of opportunist leaders will not be able to withstand the mounting tide of the workers revolt. The workers are seizing the banner of the struggle against Gaullist. In the CGT they are going to overthrow the reformist bureaucrats, they are building the proletarian party in mass struggles against unemployment and capitalist poverty. Progressive students are doing to serve the People.