Workers, students, teachers

All unite to make May 13
a great day of struggle

 The Gaullist government has been forced to make its first retreat. It had to consider: the power of the students’ and teachers’ movement; the support of the workers and democratic forces for the student victims of repression; and the call of trade unions for a general strike and powerful demonstrations for May 13 – which is a decisive factor in the government retreat.

 The French Communist Party is calling on you to make this day of struggle a great success, to compel the government to quickly implement the announced measures, and obtain:
 – full and complete amnesty for the convicted;
 – the immediate release of the imprisoned;
 – the total withdrawal of police forces from university premises and the Latin Quarter;
 – the immediate reopening of schools and the conduct of examinations and tests without candidates having to suffer difficulties because of these events.

 That is not enough. The legitimate discontent and the struggles of students and teachers have their origin in the deep crisis in the University. To address this crisis, with the workers, students and teachers, we require:
 – The rapid creation of new Faculties and technical colleges, suited to contemporary realities, and the appointment of a sufficient number of qualified teachers.
 – The satisfaction of the claims of the students: study grants; the development of social and cultural works co-managed with the participation of students; the establishment of a democratic life in universities and colleges.

 These are the primary objectives in the struggle for a democratic and modern University to replace the current class-based University.

 Against the power of the capitalist monopolies, the factory and office workers are fighting for increases in wages, the guarantee of jobs and resources, the repeal of anti-social orders, the respect and extension of trade union freedoms.

 Thus, the essential interests of students, factory workers, and of all manual and office workers converge. The realization of their just aspirations is possible only by eliminating this government of personal power and by the institution of a new and genuine democracy, paving the way for socialism.

 To this end, the French Communist Party works to strengthen mutual ties between the working class, the decisive force of our time, and all the other people’s forces, to strengthen the union of workers and democratic forces.


The Federations of Paris, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Val-d’Oise, the Yvelines of the French Communist Party.