Starting tomorrow, and continuing through the months of May and June, I will be attempting to add a new post every day.

As you may know the May 68 événements actually began on the night of Friday 3 May, 1968. Unsurprisingly there was  no documentation (posters or tracts) from before that day. So over the next 3 days, in a prelude of sorts,  I will be featuring posters from the other side of the conflict, produced by the pro-Gaullist Comites pour la Defense de la Republique.

From 4 May onwards, my plan is to post a tract (and the occasional poster) from the corresponding day – 48 years ago. In this way hopefully you can get some sense of the events as they unfolded. 

If all goes according to plan, by the end of  June there will 3 times as much content on the blog than at present. As I said in my last post my hope is that by the 50th Anniversary in a few years time my entire collection of posters and tracts will documented and translated into English on this blog.