“The Fist of No Return/The Point of No Return”

(May 19)

Personally I like puns – but puns in other languages are strange things indeed. To understand this flyer you need to know that in French “poing” (fist) and “point” (point) sound identical.

So this image of a revolutionary fist punching De Gaulle in the face both illustrates what the majority of the protesters in May 68 would like to see happen (whether metaphorically or literally!), and spells out that that things have progressed too far to go back to normal.

Red-brown offset flyer

13.5cm x 20cm

Documented in:
Mai 68 p.26; Gasquet p.29 ; Dobson #24 ; Peters #111+223 ; Beauty #155 ; Camard #148a ; Mesa p53; Wlassikoff p.26; Beauty #155 + 18b

Online Reference:
Zurich Museum of Design

(see Sources page for full details of references)