Yes to Participation
(Atelier Populaire ex-Beaux Arts)

There’s no doubting the strength of the message here! Surprisingly this is one of only a handful of ‘rude’ images used on posters – given these were students after all, that’s a bit odd.

This is the only poster that I have a copy of that I can find no information on. It isn’t illustrated in any of the books I’ve seen. If anyone has any info please get in touch via the comments

On the reverse of the paper there is some computer code printed, so it may have come from the Facilite des Sciences. Though as you can see it is stamped Atelier Populaire ex-Beaux Arts (though in a style of stamp I’ve not come across before – again any info is more than welcome!)

Dark blue screen-print on paper (stamp of the ‘Atelier Populaire ex-Beaux Arts’ on bottom right)

18.5cm x 27.5cm

Online References:
Zurich Museum of Design