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“The Struggle Continues”

(June 6 1968 – Atelier Populaire)

Produced around June 5, this poster of a group of workers is one of the most iconic images of May 68. The same image was used on 2 different posters – an earlier one was produced on 20 May with the text ‘Nous somme le pouvoir’ (‘We are the power’ or ‘We are the state’).

Black screen-print on newsprint (stamp of the ‘École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts’ with address on top left)

43cm x 51cm

Documented in:
Gasquet p. 191; Beaubourg #187; Camard #33b; Tchou ; Peters #26 ; Beauty #149 ; Mesa p84 ; Murs #134b; Chartres #52; Paris p46

Online References:
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