Poster – “Declaration” (June? 1968 – Grand Orient de France [Freemasons])

“Grand Orient de France


The Freemasons of the Grand Orient de France, faithful to their secular tradition of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity pay emotional tribute to the spectacular movement of students and workers of town and country who express their fervent desire for justice, democracy and progress, while keeping their sense of responsibility.

By refusing the right of protest and dialogue with the students’ and workers’ representative for the last 10 years, the State (in monopolising public information for its own exclusive use) has made itself a closed and technocratic authority claiming the monopoly on decision-making for itself.

The refusal of popular aspiration must inevitably lead to revolt.

It is the students who are the first to wake up a sleeping Nation, making it examine its conscience and take a stand.

This is proven by the millions of strikers and the occupation of workplaces.

The Grand Orient de France once again condemns the heavy-handed and brutal repression that has transformed peaceful demands into rioting:
It is inconceivable that a society ignores its youth.

The Grand Orient de France considers that a democratic and progressive government based on the lifeblood of the Nation and on its representative bodies can, alone, respond to the requirements of our times.

The Grand Orient de France has endeavoured to define the requirements of tomorrow and bring modern and constructive solutions to them, notably over the last 10 years in its conferences, congress and days of study.

It is pleased by the free participation of its members in the action undertaken to awaken civil spirit and galvanise the desire for democracy.”

Black offset on orange paper

40 x 60cm

This is one of the more surprising posters from May 68: a declaration of support for the students and workers from the largest Masons’ Lodge in France.

Documented in:
Chartres #155; Artcurial #429

Poster – “Comrades Workers!” (11 June 1968 – Atelier Populaire)

“Comrades Workers!

Against management and police Provocations
Against defeatism and capitulation
For the satisfaction of every demand

Let’s join our battlestation against Capital
The Occupied Factory!

Let’s organise our self-defence!
We will win!”

(June 11 – Atelier Populaire)

Maroon screen-print on poster paper

56 x 90cm

Documented in:
Wlassikoff p35; Beaubourg #176, Beauty #61; Gasquet p197; Murs #110; UUU p26; Dobson #172

Online Resources:
ENSBA #10551

Poster – “Return to Normal” (9 June 1968 – Atelier Populaire)

“Return to Normal”

(8 June – Atelier Populaire)

Purple screen-print on newspaper

49 x 64.5cm

Documented in:
Camard #38; Les Affiches #209; Imagination #37; Peters #21; Beauty #80; Gasquet p22; Artcurial #458; Beaubourg #16; Murs #117; Wlassikoff p. 125 ; Dobson #65 ; Mesa p91 ; Chartres #135; UUU p65

Online Resources
ENSBA #10640

Tract – (8 June 1968 – Action Committees, Movement 22 March)


– Capital believed it was attacking the weak link of the metal-working industry (an isolated factory, no union tradition, a number of immigrant workers, a fascist organisation in the factories).

– It sent 5,000 CRS, mobile guards, a half-track, etc…, to protect the scabs’ “freedom to work.”

– But the workers of Flins continue the combat. Friday, at 5:00am, they amassed with a number of students in front of the thousands of cops protecting the factory.

Workers and students overtake the CRS along the route where the cars arrive, carrying the workers who were tricked into thinking they were resuming work. They get into each car to explain the situation, and quickly all of the cars are empty and the 9,000 workers are united in a meeting to continue the strike.

– It is then (10 in the morning) that the mobile guards attack the gatherings of workers in Elizabethville. Not only do the workers have no access to their factory, but the neighboring villages are also prohibited.

– All day the workers, at first surprised and unarmed, respond and hold on before the mobile guards.

Power is forced to add 50 cars of CRS during Friday night.

This morning L’Humanité says it is the student provocateurs that are at the origin of the violence. This is a lie. It was the workers of Flins (there were 8,000 of them) who sent for the students. It was the CRS, by their scandalous presence in the factory and the surrounding area, who provoked the workers of Flins. The students who wish to retake the Sorbonne understand the workers of Flins who wish to retake their factory: that’s why they were yesterday and are still at the side of the workers in the face of the repression of the bosses and the police.

The reality: is the anger of the workers.

The reality: is the fraternization of the workers and the students.

Today the strike movement turns its eyes to RENAULT-FLlNS. Entire sectors take up the struggle again; the postal sorting offices, Berliet, etc… go back on strike, seeing in the fighting spirit of the workers of Flins the sign of an ongoing struggle for the abolition of the bosses.

The workers of Flins have opened a new stage of the struggle.

LET’S MOBILIZE; all of the businesses, all of the workers, all of the students.


SUNDAY AND MONDAY will be two decisive days for the workers’ struggle.

Coordination of the Action Committees of the Parisian Region
Movement of Support for the Struggles of the people
Movement of March 22

Poster – “Renault Flins – New Phase” (8 June 1968 -Atelier Populaire)

“Renault Flins – New Phase

Friday, Flins 5000 CRS seal off the factory

5am – Faced with the cops 9000 workers join together to continue the strike

10am – The cops attack the gathered workers with a grenade assault


The State and the radio claim that it is the students who are fighting

Until 10am the next day the workers organise and direct the counterattack


Sectors take up the strike again in solidarity the first being the Postal sorters



(8 June 1968 -Atelier Populaire)

Red screen-print on newspaper

65 x 99.5cm

Documented in:
Wlassikoff p39; Beaubourg #141, Beauty #46; Gasquet p.70; Murs #123; UUU p61; Dobson #97; Artcurial #371b

Online Resources:
ENSBA #10550

Poster – “Achtung!” (June? 1968 – Atelier Arts Décoratifs)

For all dirty work,
Phone HITler 00-00

Kommandant of the Defence Committees of the 5th Republic (C.D.R.)”

(June? 1968 – Atelier Arts Décoratifs)

Black screenprint

44 x 56.5cm

Documented in:
Camard #122b; Beauty #196b; Gasquet p.43; Beaubourg #110; Peters #218; Murs #91; Artcurial #433

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